Jerry Castle's 2018 song, "Lil Bit" was named one of 10 Best Country and Americana songs of the week by Rolling Stone Country.  "Castle delivers one of the most instantly catchy- and danceable - songs of this year." -Rolling Stone Country

"His new disc is really extraordinary.  A beautiful record in ugly times." 

-American Songwriter


"Impressive! Castle knows his way around a hit song.  That's right, I said hit." 

-No Depression


"Castle really knows how to pen empathetic songs full of emotion." -popMATTERS


"Gets my first Father John Misty Award for Best Use if Musical Repression in a Pop Album." -Nashville Scene


Jerry Castle is a hard charging singer-songwriter from the small Appalachian Mountain town of Abingdon, Virginia. He’s a whole lot a rock n roll wrapped in a whole lot a country.  Castle, a long-time resident of East Nashville, TN, has become best known for his songwriting about hard living, heartbreak, the folly of life, and lessons learned from a colorful life both at home and on the road.  


Working in his newly-rigged home studio, Castle spent seven months crafting Brand New Hello, a self-produced album that merges his sharp singer/songwriter roots with upbeat tempos, layered arrangements, pop melodies, and rock & roll muscle. It's a bright album for cloudy times, filled with a sense of buoyancy — an anthemic synthesizer here, a four-on-the-floor drumbeat there — that emphasizes hope and renewal over sorrow. The most modern-sounding project in his catalog, Brand New Hello fires twin barrels of political insight and poppy punch, influenced by everything from America's social climate to the Top 40 music his daughter would play in the car during the album's creation process. 


Jerry Castle still sings with a slight southern twang — a product of his childhood days in Abingdon— but these days, he writes from a more universal perspective on his sixth solo release.  Brand New Hello is exactly what its name suggests: a reintroduction to an artist who's been around for more than a decade, discovering uncharted territory with each record. Poignant, pointed, and punchy, it's the soundtrack for a fresh start.