• New Song "Lunatic God"

    “Lunatic God” is sure to not sit well with some people in my fan base but in my defense, sometimes when it’s just you and your guitar, things come out.  I wrote this song two days after the election, obviously something within me had an idea as to what we were in for.  The anti-intellectual collision course that America is on goes beyond party lines.  This is not a president that embodies the values of the Republican Party, nor does he respect those values.  This guy is just a narcissistic lunatic that is wearing the party’s team colors.  Pulling out of the Paris Agreement is just the tip of the melting iceberg.  With all of the static that this administration has created, we must pick our battles, sharpen our perspectives, and stay vigilant or we truly will have the same fate as the Roman Empire.

  • Rolling Stone Premieres "Change"

    Rolling Stone Premieres "Change"

    "On his new album Not So Soft Landing, Nashville singer-songwriter Jerry Castle leaves behind the rootsy, sometimes jam-based sound of his prior efforts in favor of a more haunting, trippy vibe." -Rolling Stone by Joseph Hudak  Read the entire article and check out Change right here: Full Rolling Stone Article

  • Pop Matters Premieres

    "Castle really knows how to pen empathetic songs full of emotion like “She Kills”, which drops the male gaze in looking at his female subject and focuses on carefully relating to and telling her story. The music itself, gentle but fully laden with textures, carries off a feeling of floating." Read the full article here.  Full Pop Matters Article

  • Elmore Magazine Premieres Not So Soft Landing

    Elmore Magazine Premieres Not So Soft Landing

    Not So Soft Landing experiments with the different qualities Jerry Castle unearthed within himself when he took the time to relax and be re-inspired. Though some tracks are spacey or funky, others are marked by Castle’s signature country jam-band vibe, creating an experience that is unique to Castle alone, until he shares the result with the rest of us.  CLICK HERE TO STREAM FULL ALBUM

  • Featured Interview with All Access

    Featured Interview with All Access

    An Interview With The Promising Newcomer Musician JERRY CASTLE On His Upcoming Record, Earliest Musical Memories With Family, Biggest Inspirations and More!

    At the end of the day, what do you hope is the message of your music? What do you hope listeners take away from your songs?

    The short answer is I hope they take away whatever they want to take away that helps them feel better in any particular situation.  I think music is such a personal thing and what might make one person feel better only makes another person feel like shit.  From my point of view, I think the message on the previous albums has been that there’s always hope, be tough, fight the fight, you’re not the only one that feels sad and life is tough.

    I think the message on ‘Not So Soft Landing’ is expanding upon that.  There are a lot of broken characters on this album but the only place they could potentially find redemption, is through a deeper and more intelligent understanding of their self.  Most of them have come to realize that they’re not like anybody else, so their not going to be able to relate on a level of “oh, I find comfort in the fact that someone else feels the way I do.”  They’re only going to find comfort through being ok with the fact that they’re unique and striving to be the most loving and aware person that they can possibly be.  You don’t get that from anyone else, you only get that from your self.